Building for Life standard

"Building for Life (BfL) is arguably one of the most successful of CABE’s products, with significant support from the planning, development and housebuilder communities." The Bishop Review, 2011.

Mæ was instrumental in the creation of the Building for Life Standard. The Standard is a national policy for the design of our residential neighbourhoods. Partner Alex Ely previously managed Building for Life and created the Standard when Head of Sustainable Communities at CABE. He co-authored the Standard with Design for Homes.

Building for Life is an Initiative run by CABE and the House Builders Federation. The Standard was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, in 2003 and adopted by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as the benchmark for new housing projects being delivered as part of the Sustainable Communities Plan. It has since become a national measure of neighbourhood design quality, embedded into the Homes and Communities Agency funding criteria. It is now part of central Government's monitoring returns.

The Standard covers issues of place making, character and identity, access and movement, construction and technology, public space, amenity and community.

Alex Ely is an Accredited Building for Life Assessor. mæ also undertake reviews of Local Development Frameworks and Supplementary Planning Documents reporting on how Building for LIfe reflects local policies; we recently undertook this exercise for the GLA on the London Plan.

If you would like an assessment of project/s or a review of how your own policies can complement Building for Life please contact us.

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