urban design

Mæ design and advise on urban regeneration schemes. We focus on developing designs that are sustainable and achieve the optimum mix, density and quality of public realm without compromising quality. We undertake:
• masterplanning, including consultation
• spatial frameworks
• design coding

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Mæ design for a wide range of sectors including housing, healthcare, public building, arts and commercial projects. We are known for our conceptual rigour, our re-invention of building types and creation of humane and legible buildings and places. We undertake:
• feasibility studies
• scheme design including planning applications
• preparation of Design and Access Statements
• detail design and production information, as well as contract administration

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policy & guidance

Mæ undertake and publish research in order to inform the strategy and direction of urbanism, architecture and policy. We work for government agencies such as CABE, the Homes & Communities Agency and the Mayor of London. We draft:
• policy and design standards, including Building for Life assessments
• design guidance
• supplementary planning documents

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 Education is a central tenet of our practice. We teach architecture at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and facilitate training events for local authorities, housing associations and private sector developers. We:
• lecture internationally at conferences and universities
• run design and design management workshops
• offer CPD events on design and design policy issues
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